Short after sunset, the first light is achieved. This is such an event after so many years. Many reasons to be happy.

Full field and zoomed (bottom left) reconstructed image of Kepteyn’s star. The measured FWHM is 1 arcsec for a dimm seeing of 1.14 arcsec.

Raw (flux uncalibrated) spectrum of Kepteyn’s star

Patrick is giving the first speech. Photo Ghaouti Hansali.

Joel is congratulating the team. Photo Ghaouti Hansali.

Let’s celebrate. Photo Ghaouti Hansali.

Champagne for this special event. Photo Ghaouti Hansali.

Back to business: precise centering of the field was achieved soon. Photo Ghaouti Hansali.

The globular cluster NGC 3201 was observed. Note that the centering probe installed on NAR and used to align MUSE is there on purpose. Despite the poor seeing (1.6 arcsec), many stars can already been seen on this 3 mn exposure.

The first half technical night is finished. Time to go down, a last look to UT4 dominated by the galaxy. Photo Edgar Renault.