Hubble Deep Field South version 1.0, 1.24, 1.34


MUSE white-light reconstructed image resulting from 27 hours integration in the Hubble Deep Field South. The symbols show the identified sources with secure redshift in the datacube: 8 stars (white star) and 181 galaxies (circle and triangle) colored according to their redshifts. The triangles mark the 26 faint (R>29.5) Lya emitters galaxies detected by MUSE but not present in the HST deep WFPC2 images.

Important notice

If you use any of the following data (data cube, catalogs, etc.), please refer to the Bacon et al. (2015) paper.

What’s new

We release 2 new versions of data cubes with improved data reduction. Note that the 1.24 and 1.34 uses two different methods for self calibration and sky subtraction.

First data release. All information can be found in the reference paper.

Interactive Source Browser

You can search for sources and display images and spectra: Source Browser access. (Note that this is based on 1.0 version of the cube)

Full catalog download

Catalog in FITS format or VOT format. (Note that this is based on 1.0 version of the cube)

Table of Emission Lines Measurements in FITS format. (Note that this is based on 1.0 version of the cube)

Reconstructed White Light Image

The reconstructed white light image is just the data cube summed over all wavelength. Fits format. Shape: 326×331


Reconstructed White-Light Image (v1.34)

Reconstructed White-Light Image (v1.24)

Reconstructed White-Light Image (v1.0)

Data cube

The HDFS data cube is a multi-fits file with a primary header and 2 extensions:

The primary header contains only fits headers.

The first extension DATA contain the data values in 10-20 units. Shape 326x331x3641 voxels (ra,dec,lambda)

The second extension STAT contain the estimated variance values in 10-40 units. Shape 326x331x3641 voxels (ra,dec,lambda)


DATACUBE-HDFS-1.34.fits.gz Size 2.7Gb gzipped

DATACUBE-HDFS-v1.24.fits.gz Size 2.6Gb gzipped

DATACUBE_HDFS_v1p0.fits. Size 3.3 Gb / 2.6Gb gzipped.

Exposure Map

The exposure map contains the number of exposure used in the final combination of all exposures after rejection of outliers. Its is a data cube with a shape of 326x331x3641 voxels.


EXPMAP-HDFS-1.34.fits.gz Size 161M gzipped

EXPMAP-HDFS-v1.24.fits.gz  Size 66M gzipped

EXPMAP_HDFS_v1p0.fits. Size 1.5 Gb / 78M gzipped.