2020-07-07: Stacked Spectra Data Release.

Stacked spectra of LAEs in MUSE-Deep

2017-09-08: ZAP 2.0 Software released.

Compatibility with the WFM-AO mode, and major improvements for the sky subtraction.

2017-05-23: MUSE-Wide Survey: First v1.0 data release

Release of emission line catalogue, spectra and source datacubes from the first period of observation in the MUSE-Wide survey (Herenz et al. 2017, A&A accepted, )

2017-02-22: Lensing cluster field Abell 2744 v1.0 released.

Release of MUSE cube and catalog of the lensing cluster field Abell 2744 (Mahler et al., MNRAS submitted, arXiv:1702.06962v1)

2017-01-12: Hubble Deep Field South  v1.24, v1.34 released.

We release 2 new versions of data cubes with improved data reduction. Note that the 1.24 and 1.34 uses two different methods for self calibration and sky subtraction.

2016-07-05: MPDAF  Software released.

The MUSE Python Data Analysis Framework.

2016-04-26: Quasar Field SDSS J1422-00 data release.

Release of cubes and maps of the quasar field published by Bouché et al. (2016).

2016-02-04: Zap Software released.

The Zurich Atmosphere Purge (advanced sky subtraction), published by Soto et al. (2016).

2016-02-04: Globular Cluster NGC 6397 data release.

Release of Globular Cluster NGC 6397 published by Husser et al. (2016) and Kamann et al. (2016).

2015-07-02: Orion Nebulae (M42) data release.

Release of cubes and maps of the Huygens region of the Orion Nebula (M 42) published by Weilbacher et al. 2015 A&A (submitted).

2015-02-26: Grand new opening of the Muse science web service.

At the occasion of the publication of the HDFS paper, the data and the press release, we are proud to open this new MUSE science web service for the community.