Stacked spectra of LAEs in MUSE-Deep

Release of MUSE stacked spectra of 2.9 < z < 4.6 LAEs selected from the MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey.

Mean and median spectra of 220 LAEs in black and blue with the error displayed with the gray and light-blue shaded areas, respectively. The vertical lines indicate the rest-frame wavelengths of some of the main spectral features: nebular emission lines (purple), ISM absorption (orange) and fine-structure transitions (green). The bottom panels show the S/N per pixel (grey and cyan curves for mean and median spectra, respectively) with the dotted red horizontal line indicating S/N =3.

Please refer to Feltre et al., 2020, arXiv:2007.01878

Download link:        STACKED SPECTRA