The Antennae Galaxy (NGC 4038/39)

Release of data of the two fields in the Antennae Galaxy (NGC 4038/39, Arp 244), published by Weilbacher et al. 2018, A&A, 611, A95 (arXiv:1712.04450).


Continuum-subtracted Hα flux maps for (a) the central and (b) the southern region, as produced by the narrow-band technique.

FITS files: Antennae Center and Antennae South

Hα flux map from Gaussian line fits to the emission line, of the central field only.

FITS files: Antennae Center and Antennae South

Velocity derived from the Hα emission line in the central field of the Antennae.

FITS file: Antennae Center only


  • HII region properties, central field: FITS table
  • HII region properties, southern field: FITS table


Please contact Peter Weilbacher for questions on this dataset.